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The "Sneaky Secret Tricks" of Online Millionaires" & How YOU Can Use Them to Make YOUR Fortune
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The Black Book of Financial Freedom in the Philippines, 
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Sneaky Online Business Tricks, a $97 Value
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Secret #1: How To Make The Most Money Online
Discover how to choose the best online business model for you and how to generate rapid positive cash-flow.
Secret #2: The Fastest Way to Start
"The 30-Day Cash Plan"... You'll learn how to make money fast. Many of our students earn over $1,000 within 30 days!
Secret #3: How To Find The Best Products for the Biggest Profit
Learn how to select the right products with the highest profit margins for you.
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The Open University is here to empower entrepreneurs throughout the Philippines. We want everyone to have the opportunity to reach their business dreams, and create a perfect future.
The Institute for TotalPreneurship™ helps entrepreneurs around the world become “TotalPreneurs™”, so you can experience a thriving, dynamic business along with the quality of life that you desire (and deserve!)

Who Should Attend This Free Workshop...
  •  If you want to generate a substantial source of income by learning how to start a successful online business, you should attend this workshop.
  •  If you're a new or existing business owner or an entrepreneur who wants to discover how to drive traffic through social media (Facebook, YouTube, Google, blogging) and generate leads and sales online, this is definitely for you. Be sure you register now!
  •  If you're a parent who wants to invest and start an "online business franchise" that you can pass on as a legacy to your children, you'll love what you're going to hear at this event.
  •  If you're retired and need to supplement your income and make your golden years your best ever, this is totally for YOU (Ask DB, who at the ripe young age of 78, is having the time of his life and has generated over $56,000 with just one marketing campaign following this proven system!).
  •  If you're a single mom (or dad!) and want to spend more time with your kids, and less time at work, you'll find the fast way to freedom at this event. Be sure to mark your calendar and get there early!
  •  If you're young...or were once young and want to create a digital "Laptop Lifestyle" and make the world your playground, this workshop will reveal exactly how you can do it, just as so many of our Institute members are doing it!
  •  If you want to simply build a totally new life for yourself and your family, become part of an exclusive legion of "TotalPreneurs™" and kiss your old life goodbye, this is definitely for you!
About Your Instructor
​For over a third of a century, Ken Krell has inspired people from all over the world with some incredibly powerful strategies to create wealth, prosperity and happiness in their lives.

Ken is Founder and Executive Director of The Institute for TotalPrenership™, since 2013 helping entrepreneurs become TotalPreneurs™. He is also the founder and creative force at, where their Manila-based creative team builds innovative software and services to make your business life better.

A world traveler and adventurer, Ken is a long-term resident of Bangkok, and is proud of his amazing team (which makes all this possible!) in the Philippines.
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